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Nick’s Gear List


As a staff we thought it might be a good idea to share what we use and wear on a typical day hunt hear at Pleasant Valley. I decided to start us off, and we would love to hear from you all on what you prefer to use throughout the season. 


Early season (Sept, Oct, Nov)


I start off in the early season with just a pair of heavy jeans or canvas style pant. This allows me to stay cool and protect my leg from the variety of thorns and burns that can inhabit some of our hunting areas. 

From there I move onto either a lightweight long sleeve shirt with a light jacket or hoodie. I like the long sleeve because it allows UV protection. It is always a good idea to bring along a jacket or hoodie no matter how the weather looks. Layering up is always the best thing to do.

For boots I will wear a 6”-8” shaft lightweight hunting or hiking boots. I have enjoyed Danner boots in the past and I am hopeful to try a pair of Crispis this coming season. I also prefer to use a light wait over the calf gaiter. These allow for added water protection and protection from the brush. On days that I know will be wet I pack a pair of oilskin chaps for added protection against the wet brush. 

I carry my birds in a Filson tin cloth vest that was given to me. Before that I wore a Cabela’s upland bird vest that was very reliable. When buying a vest I suggest going ½-1 size bigger than normal. This allows you to put it over a coat in the late season when weather is a little cooler. 

I have always shot a 20 gauge upland hunting and always will. I grew up on a single shot Rossi and to this day still love shooting that gun. It allows me to keep a keen eye and be quick to the trigger because I only have the one opportunity to bring down a bird. When I am not packing old reliable in the field a shoot a 20 gauge Italian off-brand over under that was given to me years ago by a great uncle during a North Dakota pheasant hunt. 

That pretty much sums up my gear list for the early season. A few personal tips of mine are to always carry water (enough for you and your dogs), sunscreen, bug spray, a good pair of sunglasses, and a multi-tool/pocket knife. A cooler for water, snacks, and your bagged birds is also a good idea. 


Late season (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb)

My gear list for later season hunts does not vary drastically from the earlier hunts, but here it is anyway.

For colder hunts I start out with a mid to heavy weight base layer. Trust me when it comes to base layers spend the extra money and go with quality products like Under Armour, Kuiu, Sitka, FirstLite, etc. You will not regret it. 

For pants I will usually go for a waterproof or water resistant pant. These kinds of materials allow for less wind and water penetration from the snow. The dryer you are throughout the day the longer you will be willing to stay in the field.

For deep snow I wear a Lacrosse Alphaburly 1000gram boots. On top of this I will usually wear a pair of oilskin chaps to once again help keep me dry. The boots are heavy but I have yet to get wet or cold feet in them

For outer layers I layer up. I have the Sitka down mountain hoodie that I love to wear over a long sleeve shirt. From there I usually will put on a hooded down jacket or coat and then a vest if necessary. I am a firm believer in vests. They allow heat retention to your core while still allowing a range of mobility for your arms. 

Thin warm gloves are always necessary during colder hunts. Do your best to stay warm but do not go for something so bulky that you won’t be able to run your gun. 

That’s my suggestion when it comes to colder weather hunts. Even in the late season I make sure to have water enough for my dog and I, sunscreen, sunglasses, extra socks, extra gloves, a multi-tool, and cooler. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let us know what it is you use doing your hunts at Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve. Utah upland bird hunting is an exciting and fun way to get outdoors, and the beauty is that it does not take much to get started. Get a gun find a friend will a good dog and hit the trail!