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Utah Bird Hunting – Dogs in the Off Season

By December 17, 2020Pheasant Hunting

What does your bird dog do in the off season?

We all know that man’s best friend and hunting partners are high energy animals that almost always have energy to burn. One question that I get from our hunters on a regular basis is how I keep my dogs busy in the off season? I have a 6 year old German shorthaired pointer who we call Rudy that is constantly on the go. When he isn’t chasing pheasants or quail for me during the fall and winter months I keep him busy as a family and farm dog.

Here at Pleasant Valley we cultivate the majority of our areas with different crops that are ideal for pheasant hunting and habitat. This requires a large amount of time and energy on our end and sometimes it is good to have a friend alongside you. Rudy is my right hand man when it comes to changing sprinklers and running equipment. He is with me almost on a daily basis as we cruse around the farm checking crops and changing water. 

When we’re not farming Rudy spends time with the family on the mountain fishing or in the spring looking for shed antlers. This kind of off season activity is perfect for both Rudy and I. Chasing birds all day can be extremely tasking on a both the hunter and the dog. By staying active in the summer and spring months we are ready and roaring to go by the time September and October roll around. It is also a great way to keep Rudy’s obedience training sharp as we work together on keeping him tuned up throughout the summer months. 

If you are looking for ways to keep your dog busy in the off season consider taking them hiking, fishing, or camping. These kinds of activities will keep you and your dog in shape and allow for plenty of opportunities for your dog to brush up on their obedience during the off season.

Don’t forget that if you’re looking for a place to keep your dog active in the summer or spring to give us a call. We allow you to come and run your dogs through some of Utah’s best pheasant hunting ground even in the offseason. 

-Nick Woodland, Hunting manager at Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve