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David Danley

Hunting has been perfect – weather, cover, dogs and birds!

The thrill of a rooster bursting into flight with his raucous cackle will stay with you long after the hunt is over. Get out now and enjoy the fall weather and the “wild hunts” PVHP is famous for. To supplement the wild bird population, we pride ourselves in raising strong, colorful, high-flying pheasants and chukars in huge flight pens. Your birds are liberated into the dense habitat early to ensure the wildest hunt you have ever experienced. Your hunt is set up and ready when you leave the clubhouse. 
Come see for yourself call today. 435 646 3194

Bag more birds:

  • Slow down… walk at a slow pace, let the dogs work the cover.
  • Stop every 15 to 20 yards and wait. Nervous birds will panic and take flight when they are not sure where you are or what you are doing.
  • Hunt into the wind. Give the dogs every advantage to pick up the scent of the birds.
  • Work the hunt area from the outside in. Keep the birds trapped in your hunt area.
  • In some locations, you can hunt towards natural barriers or open spaces and use these as “blockers”.

Spectacular Habitat = Spectacular Hunting

Pleasant Valley Hunting

You know, we cultivate our farmlands and manage our wild terrain specifically for great pheasant and chukar habitat. Open fields of grain deep draws with running water, sagebrush flats and rocky hillsides, thickets of Russian olive and cottonwood trees, thick sunflower and bindweed patches, cattail and bull rush marshes and grassy pastures are all here on the private hunting preserve.